Student Support Services

Student support services

During your enrolment, ANIE will engage with you on a number of occasions. We do this through requesting you to complete enrolment documentation, discussions over the phone, enrolment interview and finally during your orientation. One of the important objectives of these engagements is to understand what support services you may need to fully participate in your study.

You will be asked various questions about your support needs or your “individual needs”. This is simply the term we use to define what your needs are and this enables us to organise the appropriate support services. Make sure you take the most of this opportunity and let us know if you need support.

What support is available?

ANIE will use a combination of our own services and the services of referral agencies to either provide or refer you to the following support services:

  • Pre- Enrolment Support (communication channels to Student Support Manager)
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy Support
  • Academic Support
  • Counselling Referral
  • Disability Access
  • Emergency & Medical Services Referral
  • Legal Services Referral
  • USI Help
  • Housing / Accommodation Services Referral

If you need support during your course, please approach and inform reception and you will be connected with the best person who can assist you. If the matter is sensitive and you do not feel comfortable discussing it with reception, simply inform reception that you would like to meet with the Director of Studies. It is our absolute priority to provide you the support needed to enable you to progress in your study and complete your chosen course. ANIE is committed to our student’s welfare both during and after hours of study.

All Support and Referral services are Free of Cost.

RTO Code: 41160 | CRICOS Provider Code: 03682M | ABN: 54 603 488 526